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Unless they are cleared using a code reader, they will remain for about 30 engine starts as long as the fault does not occur again. The alternators on the 1.9 Diesel is are 'smart' alternators - they talk to the engine ECU which control the charging rate. Some cheaper, non-genuine alternators are not equipped to do this, and then cause problems.

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Apr 5, 2009. #1. Hey all, I was just about home this afternoon and the "Check Alternator" warning popped up. It followed with the battery light coming on and the ABS warning firing. About 5-10 seconds later I lost ALL dash lights, radio, speedo, etc. The battery recently came back as a fail when it was tested even though I've had no problems.

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Hi, Weird this. Ive just returned from a 3000km trip around France - Switzerland to Spain and back. The bike '03 1150GSA (New engine last year 17K mile donor bike - fine around Scotland last year) was fine for the first and second day. At the end of the first day (250Miles) I noticed the RED Triangle "ON". In the morning of the second day, the triangle was still active.

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2019. 6. 11. · A multi-meter is the most effective tool for diagnosing a bad alternator. Get a multimeter. They are cheap (you can get a decent one for $10), and you can get them almost anywhere.; Set it to read voltage. Specifically, you’ll need to set it to 20V DC. With your Q5 turned off, you’ll connect the negative side of the meter to the negative battery post or wire.

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We have a Renault Clio mk3 2006 1.5 dci, K9KT766. A few months ago get a fault message, that 'Low Battery' and Stop warning lights. I called the mechanical, he changed the alternator and said, the old alternator dont charge enough. I bring the old alternator and test it. That's almost perfect. The old alternator is 120A, the new is 150A.

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The guy arrives, I start the car and the noise which has been intermittent is not there. He checked the battery and the alternator with a multimeter and said I cannot find any fault with it. The multimeter at the battery was reading almost 14.

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2012. 6. 26. · On a starter this would manifest itself as an intermittent starting fault; on an alternator, low or no-charge. An example of an alternator incorrectly tightened to its mounting brackets (see pic below). Over time the alternator.

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2010. 7. 19. · Next day, she went all intermittent on me; sometimes okay, sometimes not, even starting a journey in limp home and then coming all normal on me half way through the journey (these are just short jaunts around town). So, she has a new battery, less than two months old, alternator is charging nicely at 13.8volts (even with the fault).

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here we find a damaged cable to the alternator plug from the smart charge system that was causing a charging error fault on the speedo display even after the.

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I just read it with star and these are the fault codes I'm getting: P1192-001 B40 (Oil sensor) Synchronization pause is breahed. P1192-004 B40 (Oil sensor) Short circuit / Open circuit. P1192-008 B40 (Oil sensor) The supply voltage is too high or too low. P0100-004 B2/5 (Hot film mass air flow sensor) supply voltage is too high or too low.

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Most of the time, the car runs fine, and the voltage stays around 13.5 - 14.2 even while idling for longer periods of time. However, with out any sort of rhyme or reason, sometimes the voltage will drop down below 13 to 12.2 - 12.4 and it will not charge up. When it does drop that low, is when the car starts stalling, and it doesn't seem to.

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Intermittent phantom fault on Jimny 2006 was created by jammie61 I loose exceleration, and the car looses power, and judders, and will stall when dropping down to lst gear (altho I keep it going). It hwas cost me now nearly £750 todate, having had the petrol tank cleaned, a lead to the cat replaced, and more recently a new exhaust from front. I've spent two weeks trying to trace a charging fault on my '87 Carrera. Some times the system charges fine (14.2v at battery terminals regardless of RPM). Sometimes it does not charge at all (12.4v-12.6v at battery terminals, slightly less than with engine off). When it's not charging, the dashboard warning light flickers dimly or is out/goes.

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2017. 6. 23. · OBD II fault code P0622 is a generic code that is defined as “Alternator, field control -circuit malfunction”, and is set when the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) detects an abnormal, or the absence of the PWM.

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Check it again with the engine on. It should be higher than 12 volts and climbing. If the voltage is low, check that the alternator is securely mounted to the engine as this is what provides ground to the charging circuit. Also check to see if the engine/gearbox earth strap is tight and the connections are bright and clean.

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2022. 2. 13. · Follow this guide on how to replace and register a BMW battery yourself. Another common problem that causes BMW battery and alternator warning is a faulty BSD BMW module, typically mounted on the alternator. If the battery is relatively new, try charging the battery with a trickle charger. Additional problems that can cause this issue include.

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Intermittent phantom fault on Jimny 2006 was created by jammie61 I loose exceleration, and the car looses power, and judders, and will stall when dropping down to lst gear (altho I keep it going). It hwas cost me now nearly £750 todate, having had the petrol tank cleaned, a lead to the cat replaced, and more recently a new exhaust from front.

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Alternator plug loose, burnt, or corrdoed; possibly even the field lead making erratic contact. Corroded fusible link end at the starter solenoid or a link partially burnt inside. It's also possible the alternator (reman?) may be goofy at times. I put a reman on my Lincoln some months back and it dropped dead half an hour later.

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Electrical Fault P0674 - 35 - 20 - - - Intermittent 17911 - Load Signal From Alternator Term. DF: Implausible Signal P1503 - 35 - 10 - - - Intermittent Having read Wingnut's Glow Plugs 101, I knew how to proceed with the glow plug fault but was stumped as to what the second code meant. So being a good little TDIclub member I did a thorough.

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Alternator now charges as it should. I'll be taking the "new" and nonfunctional alternator back and getting my $300 back. Using Google, I found this thread which was an excellent and simple DIY for voltage regulator replacement and is identical to the one I had. Not sure if the V8s are the same though.
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